Environmental simulation...

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The online platform for the simulation of environmental phenomena

Project EditingThe platform is actually mainly focused on air pollution, implementing the most widely used and affordable software available on the net. Continuous developement is ongoing to provide a daily growing set of applications.

Upload your data in the most common formats (.xls, .txt, .shp, dxf, ...), set calculation parameters and start the simulation. Results will be rapidly available, ready to be downloaded in your preferred format and further analyzed with one of our utilities.

Project ManagementBuild and manage your road pollution projects through an easy to use graphical interface. No more installation problems, software updates, hardware limits. You just need a web browser to access your simulation platform from anywhere.

Share your data and results or even the entire project with your colleagues, they just need a free profile to view the contents and even edit them in a collaborative environment.

Project EditingThe web-GIS interface will help you to correctly assemble and build your project's data. Calculation parameters can be easily entered following simple step by step procedures designed to minimize errors.

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