A new tool has been added to the collection. Road vehicle exhaust emission factors now can be calculated following "EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook 2013".

Results export in kml has been much improved. Points follow a colour scale close to that of the project viewer and point description contains all the available attributes.

After a long long testing period the plan2run site is finally on-line and open to subscribers! We are still young but a lot of work has been done and the platform finally seems robust enough to be opened to the real world.

Credit Card payment is now available for subscription, renewal and tokens through PayPal. An account on PP is not required for buyers.

Caline results can now be download in kml formato and directly loaded in Google Earth. Just select kml from the drop down menu in the results area.

Main page aesthetic update.

Source validation has been extended to further reduce calculation problems.

Navigation menu has been updated to the new site schema.

Job status is now reported in different colours depending on the status in the queue table.

Raw calculation results size download limit removed.

Tool NOx2NO2 is now online. It is a postprocess tool, allowing you to build a regression formula over a user supplied NO2 and NOx time history and to apply the resulting coefficients to any NOx serie.

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